Creating a sense of belonging and direction in an interim space.

Creating a sense of belonging and direction in an interim space.

Bricolage Temporary Placemaking

We designed wayfinding and signage needs for Bricolage’s third temporary campus location. We were determined to communicate Bricolage’s brand message and spirit in an old facility on one of Crescent City’s most historic avenues.

Good Deeds
  • Use temporary solutions that could be repurposed or reused at the next location.• Incorporate Local vendors and Installers•  Promotes the inclusivity of all voices, races and ethnicities

Graphic map of New Orleans showing the various physical locations Bricolage Academy has resided in over the years

How We Think > Creative Process

Research methods and design solutions can develop over weeks, months and even years. The goal here is to show a snippet of research, concept plus style, and a significant result.

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auditing, investigation and strategy
Discover Problems
Define Hypotheses
Identify Opportunities
Showing the stairwell at Our Lady of the Holy Rosary
Concept, visualization, and design
Develop COncepts
Design Prototypes
Implement & observe

In 2015, Bricolage moved into its third residence and first exclusive location. This building first opened in the early 1900s was initially a Catholic school.  To the modern-day visitor, the interior still had bits of charm in its seafoam tiles, iron railings, old hallways with globe lights, metal hangers, and wooden staircases.

Quercus helped hundreds of students, their families, and prospective parents feel a sense of belonging and permanence. For the three years based at this location, removable signs, posters, and simple wayfinding solutions would help elevate what was once a yellowing, drab and drafty facility.

Scouting the Site for Opportunity Areas prior to Ideation and prototyping
Scouting the Site for Opportunity Areas prior to Ideation and prototyping
Showing the exterior entryway at Our Lady of the Holy Rosary
How we solved the challenge visually

By peppering black and white portraits of the student body, students saw their classmates and personalities hung proudly on blank walls.

Designing directional wayfinding throughout the hallways helped new students and prospective parents on tours orient themselves. Various rooms would change teachers and subjects year after year. By utilizing high concept, still-life photography, classrooms could quickly be identified by the grade level, the school subject, or educator seen behind the doors.

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What Clients Say

Mary Louise goes beyond your mission statement to bring your space and materials life. With Bricolage, she stayed close to all of the school happenings – growth, evolution, successes, challenges, students, staff. It was her goal to truly know the school and to share in the experience so her work reflected the mission, values, and people of Bricolage. Her eye for style, color, photography and her personal relationship made Bricolage at home whether at Touro Synagogue, Holy Rosary, or the permanent facility, John McDonogh High School.
Holly Robbins Hermes
Chief Development Director
Bricolage Academy of New Orleans
Our Role + Scope
  • Site visit & Spatial Measurements: provide specifications and coordinate estimations
  • Concept & Prototyping
  • Press checks and installation supervision of quality control across all materials
  • Wayfinding
  • Identity graphics
  • Directional signage
  • And more


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