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Craig Mulcahy / Photographer

He is a British photographer currently living in New Orleans, Louisiana specialising in portrait focused advertising and editorial photography. He is also a freelance photographer and Studio Consultant with over 15 years experience working in the photographic world.

The Longer version

Craig has a broad range of experience working in the commercial world and within more creative fields such as editing, production, and more. Commercial work clients include Sony Pictures Entertainment, DC Entertainment, Google, Lululemon, Fox Network, and Miller/Coors. Craig also has extensive experience working with editorial and corporate clients.

Photo by Craig Mulcahy

Likes to work in the studio

Loves crafting and constructing with light.

Likes to work Offline

Reading, boardgames, and entertaining his kids.

Likes New Skills

National diploma photography + Higher diploma in photography/digital imaging. Photographic business owner 10+ years.

Likes to Roam

Travels as much as possible. Will always miss my native British Isles.

Hunter Savage / Copywriter

Hunter has been working as a professional writer for over a decade, and an amateur writer since he was old enough to spell. He specializes in finding out what makes a client unique, and bringing that to life.

The Longer version

With a background that spans across different industries, regions, and media formats, he knows that there isn't one single project type that will meet a client's needs. Hunter loves diving into the points of differentiation that set a company apart from their competition, and then finding the most compelling way to tell that story. The best solution for your company is the one that makes your brand sing—and that's where his expertise and humor can make an incredible difference.


Anyone who has a passion for what they do.


Loves crosswords, reading, and starting art projects with the intention of one day finishing them and being a dad.


At Florida State University, where he earned an English degree (and has taken up learning the piano).


Born in Florida, lives in Vermont, and gets itchy feet if he stays too long in one place.

Josh Hampson / Web Developer

He is a web designer, business strategist, project manager, and lifelong Texan that loves helping others launch new business ideas.

The Longer version

With more than 8 years of agency experience, he thrives in fast-paced and ever-changing environments. While web development is his primary role, he is equally skilled in project management and helping maximize profit and efficiency for the clients he works with. His past clients include smaller, family owned businesses all the way up to massive tech companies, like Robinhood and DoorDash.

Photo by Gabby Deimeke

Likes working remotely

Loves a piping hot Americano and getting to know new clients and their business

Likes to get the blood flowing

Always attending a music festival, workout class, or finding new ways to get his heart racing

Likes New Skills

National Association for Catering and Events Austin Rising Star (2019)

Likes to Roam

Get him talking about his favorite vacations, and he'll talk your ear off.

Mary Louise Killen / Creative Director

Mary Louise specializes in crafting ideas that resonate with clients of all sizes, delivering impactful outcomes. Quercus Design offers tailored solutions through strategic audits.

The Longer version

With 18+ years of experience, Mary Louise's expertise spans education, healthcare, nonprofits, food, hospitality, and wellness industries. Her skills include packaging, experiential graphic design, web design, and print projects across diverse campaigns.Committed to beautiful functionality, Mary Louise excels in typeface design and strategic thinking. She enjoys fostering lasting client relationships.‍

Likes working remotely

Enjoys spirited co-creation, site visits and hot frothy coffee breaks.

Likes life offline

Cooks a decent gumbo. Visits international grocery stores in search of surprising product.

Likes New Skills

Adjunct Lecturer, Tulane University; LSU (BFA ’07); The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (MFA ’09); The University of Reading (MA ’10)

Likes to roam

Remains influenced by Chicago, England, Italy, and the Deep South.

Rebecca Briscoe / UX & UI Designer

She is a graphic designer based in New Orleans that specializes in graphic design, motion design, and web design.

The Longer version

From a young age, Rebecca recognized herself as an artist and has since become an accomplished graphic designer. After a decade in the hospitality industry, she made a transition to the world of digital design, pursuing a degree in Interactive Design. As an Interactive Designer, she skillfully combines graphic design, motion design, illustration, and web design to craft captivating digital experiences and designs. Throughout her career, she has successfully collaborated on numerous projects for various companies in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region.


Has backpacked through 5 continents and counting. 


Enjoys painting, drawing, and gardening. 


Loves the freedom to work from anywhere. 


Enjoys finding new restaurants around New Orleans. 

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