What we value

We love projects that resonate with a future we can all live in.

Our Studio Roots

We partner with brands and educational institutions locally and globally. With a focus on strategy, design and art direction, we connect consumer culture with daring clients across print, web and social platforms – for today’s demands and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Quercus Design is a creative design studio based in New Orleans. Psst… Quercus, pronounced kwur·kuhs, is the Latin genus for "Oak Tree." As a youth, Mary Louise often played in a 150+ year-old Oak tree — her first studio high above her backyard!
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What we believe

We strive to grow the circle – welcoming collaboration, inclusion and good work of all kinds.

Good Network

When experienced teams join forces, richer stories are told.

We partner, collaborate and consult with large agencies to smaller in-house teams to independent experts.
Good Conversation

When all voices are heard and respected, all people can enjoy the conversation.

We seek the inclusivity of all voices, colors and origins at the table — especially for all who experience barriers in their lives.

When a brand stands up for good, we stand with them on purpose.

We love to support brands on a mission to better our environment, social efforts and basic human rights.
Good For the Planet

When we care for the earth, the earth will care for us.

We monitor green initiatives for businesses, sustainable printing and paper options, and stay mindful of a waste footprint.
Good for your industry

When you examine your brand’s equity often, you stay relevant to your user.

We like brands, clients and users that keep an open mind, take risks, and evolve with the pulse of today and tomorrow. We never stop learning.
Good Feelings

When we acknowledge the value of empathy, we see true colors vibrantly.

We are all different. When we generate personas, user journeys, and empathy charts we begin to see the whole person — warts and all.
Good Research

When we execute research and audits, real data supports the big idea.

We operate in a research-intensive environment or laboratory capturing both quantitative and qualitative content.
Good Call

When we tell a story, it is our duty to make it a positive, original one.

Honor an authentic context and speak to a target audience with intelligence — audiences don’t need an education. They need a clear message.
Good Results

When have a core message, speak it consistently across all channels.

Less can be more. Think you need tons of direct mail to bring in big results — maybe a digital solution actually says more.

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