Differentiating a new school in a traditional market.

Differentiating a new school in a traditional market.

Bricolage Logo Design

We researched and designed a new charter school’s institutional identity, and helped visualise the design of Bricolage’s most authentic brand message and positioning in one of our nation’s most historic, culturally rich, and typically segregated city.

Good Deeds
  • Inclusive student body
  • Non Profit 3C
  • Supports Local Education
  • Promotes the inclusivity of all voices, races, and ethnicities
Bricolage Academy logotype applied across various color backgrounds

How We Think > Creative Process

Research methods and design solutions can develop over weeks, months and even years. The goal here is to show a snippet of research, concept plus style, and a significant result.

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auditing, investigation and strategy
Discover Problems
Branding new thinking in a traditional school market.
Define Hypotheses
Re-envision the typical the charter school space.
Identify Opportunities
Showcase growth and innovation within a socio-economic, racially and ethnically diverse target audience.
Bricolage students engaged with innovative school projects
Concept, visualization, and design
Develop COncepts
Advocate for Educational equity on a personal level — the up’s and down’s of a growth mindset.
Design Prototypes
Create a logo and mark that visualizes the idea of tinkering and progression.
Implement & observe
Establish confidence and familiarity for all while relocating to five different campus locations throughout the years.

The identity draws on Bricolage’s advocacy for educational equity. It begins by making a personal investment in the inner flame all students possess no matter their background. This bold forward-thinking direction reinforced the idea of ascension upward (acknowledge successes) or downward turns (examine failures) as a young mind grows, plays, and develops.

Ideation & experimentATION
Ideation & experimentATION
Bricolage student engaged with innovative school project
How we solved the challenge visually

The word bricolage typically means a ‘mash-up’ or a creation from a diverse range of available things. The distinctive spiral “I” is is an active mark visualizing this idea of tinkering and progression. The 3 “iii” symbol is a stylized representation conveying a spark, burst, or a new idea of innovation or play. It can be used in combination with the logotype; a fixed pattern, or emoticon/profile image in digital uses. The distinctive ‘I’ symbol makes an impact across various sizes and uses, from annual reports to athletics uniforms and signage.

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What Clients Say

Mary Louise goes beyond your mission statement to bring your space and materials life. With Bricolage, she stayed close to all of the school happenings – growth, evolution, successes, challenges, students, staff. It was her goal to truly know the school and to share in the experience so her work reflected the mission, values, and people of Bricolage. Her eye for style, color, photography and her personal relationship made Bricolage at home whether at Touro Synagogue, Holy Rosary, or the permanent facility, John McDonogh High School.
Holly Robbins Hermes
Chief Development Director
Bricolage Academy of New Orleans
Our Role + Scope
  • Audit and Strategy
  • Logo design
  • Brand Identity
  • Stationery Suite
  • Brand Standards Guide
  • And more.


Bricolage Academy of New Orleans

New Orleans, LA