A yearly exchange of design thinking offers a leg up for educators with-&-without resources.

A yearly exchange of design thinking offers a leg up for educators with-&-without resources.

Innovation Exchange Logo Design

We designed a promotional event logo providing new tools and workshops for educators incorporating design thinking and innovation in their elementary and middle school curriculums. This yearly event help create a tech community of teachers and school programming aligned with Bricolage’s goal for equitable education for all.

Good Deeds
  • Volunteering & Community Building
  • Provides access to design thinking and technological tools for all
  • Promotes the inclusivity of all voices,  races, and ethnicities
Bricolage Innovation Exchange Logo on colored red backgrounds.

How We Think > Creative Process

Research methods and design solutions can develop over weeks, months and even years. The goal here is to show a snippet of research, concept plus style, and a significant result.

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auditing, investigation and strategy
Discover Problems
Define Hypotheses
Identify Opportunities
Young students and teacher engaged in focused discussion and teaching moment.
Concept, visualization, and design
Develop COncepts
Design Prototypes
Implement & observe

Through the Innovation Exchange, educators attend two-hour sessions observing an innovation class and a design thinking workshop.  At this community event, teachers worked with students to plan a playground for Bricolage’s future campus.

The goal of the promotional logo was to draw upon Bricolage’s advocacy for educational equity and visualize this open-minded exchange no matter the school, teacher, or student.

Ideation & experimentation
Ideation & experimentation
Young students hands selecting colorful innovation and engineering based parts
How we solved the challenge visually

As Josh Densen, Founder of Bricolage Academy, explains: “When educators cross lines of difference and come together from private schools, charter schools, and traditional public schools, you end up with greater access to ideas, concepts, and experiences that often aren’t available to everybody equally or equitably.”

The logo incorporated the well-known Bricolage spiral ‘i’ now seen as an energetic exchange. The consistency of the shapes within the logo echoes the extension of the Bricolage brand.

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What Clients Say

Mary Louise led Bricolage’s community outreach and constituent workshops with staff, students and John McDonogh alumni. Remarkably, she listened to varied points of view, drew connections across occasionally in conflicting community values, and emerged with a new Bricolage brand that united disparate communities under a single identity honoring our separate pasts and looked to a united future that we could all share.
Josh Densen
Bricolage Academy of New Orleans
Our Role + Scope
  • Audit and Strategy
  • Promotional Logo design
  • Event invitations and collateral
  • Wayfinding & Signage
  • Swag items

Bricolage Innovation Exchange

New Orleans, LA