Art directed content allows customers to take the wheel!

Art directed content allows customers to take the wheel!

Krispy Krunchy Chicken® Takes a Drive

This photoshoot was intended to produce timeless content that could be effectively utilized across various social media platforms. Our primary goal was to authentically convey the Krispy Krunchy dining experience on the road to an audience of 37.2K followers, particularly those visiting one of the 2,700 retail locations spanning 47 states. Specifically tailored for a younger demographic on Instagram, we successfully executed a custom approach to art direction, prop creation, and food styling.

Good Deeds

• Visualize attainable experiences and emulate individual testimonials to build trust with all consumers.
• Listen to feedback and capture improvement from real customer experiences.
• Support local vendors.

Various screenshots of Krispy Krunchy Chicken's social media platforms.

How We Think > Creative Process

Research methods and design solutions can develop over weeks, months and even years. The goal here is to show a snippet of research, concept plus style, and a significant result.

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auditing, investigation and strategy
Discover Problems
Define Hypotheses
Identify Opportunities
Mobile screens showing the Krispy Krunchy Chicken customer journey towards final in store purchase.
Concept, visualization, and design
Develop COncepts
Design Prototypes
Implement & observe

Each month, while directing the creative team at FSC Interactive, Mary Louise embarked on a strategic full-funnel experiment by designing paid performance, creative content, and community management across multiple platforms. The dedicated Krispy Krunchy Chicken fan base, totaling over 30k followers, was exceptionally knowledgeable about the product and expressed their thoughts and expectations regularly. The challenge lay in discovering what could both surprise and delight them enough to drive engagement and conversions.

Many consumers have encountered the experience of hastily picking up fast, convenient food while on the go—whether rushing to make it home safely or onto their next destination. However, what if we could transform the routine of grabbing a Krispy Krunchy meal from a gas station and dining into a visually captivating and attainable event?

The average follower has already encountered paid ads featuring discounts and deals, as well as user-generated content (UGC) showcasing the authentic essence of the brand journey in their cars and on social media. Her role was to elevate the storytelling to a higher concept, tailored specifically to the Instagram audience based on their allegiances to the food and their rides!

Sample of Krispy Krunchy Chicken's super fans and their stories
Sample of Krispy Krunchy Chicken's super fans and their stories
Digital mockup showing the photography inspiration in moodboard form. Contains brand colors and menu of food items.
Example of stop motion laced with fandom and wit
Example of stop motion laced with fandom and wit
How we solved the challenge visually

The creation of photography, stop motion, and copywriting required us to first connect with various customer videos directly. In this vision, I imagined scenarios like a romantic drive in the park, a cautious mom ensuring her family's meal didn't spill as a yellow light turned red, or someone savoring some "me-time" in nature with a Chicken sandwich in hand. These scenarios aimed to truthfully reflect Krispy Krunchy Chicken's Louisiana-style fried chicken heritage while evoking nostalgia, communal dining experiences, and the savory, juicy, and delicious spices spotted in the Fried chicken as the centerpiece.

To achieve this, she envisioned outdoor dining that drew inspiration from major spaces almost every city has: parks, cars, bikes, sidewalks, picnics in the grass, and a baseball field. We kept our focus on capturing soft golden light, lush outdoor environments, diverse forms of transportation, and, of course, a delicious Krispy Krunchy meal in wrappers, boxes and bags.

Regardless of the season, trends, or flavors, our monthly focus remained steadfastly on the food itself, its preparation, presentation, and the universal humor associated with casual dining and enjoying chicken. By fostering virality and community growth, we ultimately contributed to robust analytics and strengthened Krispy Krunchy’s brand attribution, making this project a resounding success.

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Our Role + Scope

• Social Media Content
• Evergreen Photography
• Paid Performance
• Virality

• Art Directed Photoshoot
• Location and Budget Setup
• Food styling
• Prop creation and styling
• Post production / Retouching


Mary Louise Killen

Calm Dog Productions Lee Fritz

Ian Donnelly

FSC Interactive